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WAPT is an open-source (GPLv3-licenced) package manager for Windows which helps sysadmins with everyday tasks by providing automated, network-wide installation, configuration, upgrades and uninstall of Windows based software. Software packages such as Firefox and MS Office are deployed through a graphical interface. WAPT was modeled on GNU/Linux Debian apt, hence its name.
WAPT is for system administrators who manage workstations, notebooks and servers running Microsoft operating systems.

Enterprises big and small, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, school districts, universities, metropolitan areas, hospitals, Ministries use WAPT.

WAPT is particularly effective for managing frequently recurring updates of Flash and Java. Oftentimes, it is to cover that particular need that WAPT is initially adopted ; then, it becomes a tool that system administrators learn to enjoy and use almost daily.

If you are a software developer, WAPT in command line mode can help you configure your work PC just like Chocolatey and Nuget do.

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