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Available tasks (v0.9.7) are : (see file waptsetup.iss et wapt.iss on the GitHub)

  • updateWapt  : Start an apt-get update after installation
  • installService : install and run Waptservice (enable by default)
  • installTray : Installer le programme d'icone de Wapt (désactivé par défaut)
  • autorunTray : Install the program icon WAPT (disabled by default)
  • setupTasks : Create Windows scheduled tasks for periodic update packages
  • useTISPublic : Add a secondary repository that points to the public filing Tranquil IT (disabled by default)
  • useWaptServer : Set WAPT with the URL http://srvwapt:8080 and register the computer on Waptserver at the end of the installation (disabled by default)
  • autoUpgradePolicy : Propose to install updated packages at the extinction of the computer with waptexit.exe (enabled by default)
  • installredist2008 : Install the redistributable C ++ 2008. Required for openssl. (on if not already installed).
  • installredist2008unchecked : Force Reinstall redistributable C ++ 2008. (activated if not already installed)
  • autorunSessionSetup : add a shortcut to All Users\Start to initiate a session WAPT-get-setup at the login user (enabled by default)