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WAPT - Using the console WAPT

This page is a translated version of the page WAPT - Utilisation de la console WAPT and the translation is 100% complete.

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For an overview of WAPT centralized management console, see this page : WAPT - Console WAPT


Before performing an installation via WAPT console, follow these 2 steps:

open the console WAPT

The console WAPT is accessible via the tray 'Start WAPT console'

wapttray : launch the console WAPT

Local repository of WAPT

Uploading software

WAPT is a software deployment, you must have software to deploy. Tranquil IT Systems offers a [software library] his community have build and she freely offers.

local repository
  • Go to the tab "local repository"
  • Click "Import from a repository"
  • Select one or more software and "Import"

During import, WAPT agent will automatically retrieve the selected software and signed with your certificate created earlier. After this action, they will be ready immediately.

Edit a package

Software retrieved via another filing, can be changed and customized to the structure (ex: adding a proxy address in Mozilla Firefox). To customize the software, it is advisable to install the package WAPT "waptdev" who is incorporating a suite of software development.

  • Right-click on the software > Edit the package

Delete a package

Select the software : right-click > Delete

Software Deployment

Install software

To install software on a computer, double click on the computer.

Add a software to a computer

The window that appears is the set configuration. It summarizes all the software you want to install on it. Perform a click drag software present in the right side to the left side. To enable installation of the software, two solutions are proposed software:

  • Save : this allows to sends software in waiting queue. They will be installed either by an action performed on Waptagent or when shutting down the computer.
  • Save and apply on the computer: apply instantly sends and software installation

Uninstalling software

For each software installed by WAPT, it is possible to uninstall the package via the console in the summary of the post with a "right-click on the software > Uninstall the package".

Software group

To facilitate the installation of several software, you can create groups.

Managing Groups

Click on "New Group", choose a name and move the software to the table on the left. The software created groups are in the list of software. To add a group to a computer, just follow the procedure "Install software" and select the group.


Advanced mode is available in the menu Tools> Advanced Mode: it adds an area where logs are displayed.