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WAPT - Multi-repository

This page is a translated version of the page WAPT - Multi-dépôt and the translation is 100% complete.

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Multi-repository is now allowed by WAPT ; This feature is useful in different cases :

  • to use a private repository for host-specific business applications to complement public repository structure ;
  • for private repository close to users in multi establishment management ;
  • to allow the use of repository that host self-service applications and repository with access restrictions (Software subject to licensing,...).

The information is to put in the configuration file wapt-get.ini, examples of which are available in the file wapt-get.ini.tmpl .

Parameter repositories

The parameter repositories, in the section [global] allow to call many packages repository, for example private and tranquilit here are the parameters should be stated in additional sections at the end of file wapt-get.ini.


Secondary repository parameters

Section dedicated to a secondary repository with 2 parameters to be defined :

  • repo_url : address of repository