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Welcome on the wiki of Tranquil IT Systems

Welcome on the website, Community section of

Déployer vos logiciels
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est une solution qui aide au quotidien en automatisant les installations, les désinstallations et les mises à jour de l'ensemble des logiciels d'un parc informatique. WAPT se gère intégralement à partir d'une console de gestion centrale.

Backup your data

is a simplified backup tool which, coupled with a Nagios reporting, will ensure serenity past backups. Access to and restoring backups are performed through a simple file sharing, without the need for third party software.

Tutorials Samba4

is a complete rewrite with the objective of creating a free domain controller. The management console provides touts the benefits of Active Directory (GPO user management groups and machines ...).

Nagios, Supervision
Accédez à la section Supervision

our tutorials around the supervision of network infrastructure.

Others tutorials
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Find in this section tutorials on the various technologies implemented by Tranquil-IT-Systems. </TD>